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Victorian Preserved Steam Locomotives

E 371was rebuilt to 0-6-2T from its original 2-4-2T configuration. It survived into the 1970's as a shunter at Newport workshops. E 371 was dismantled for assessment at Maldon in 1992 but the report was not favourable and hence it was reassembled (sans boiler cladding, most fittings and numberplates) and placed on display at Maldon station.

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UKMS Directory - JUDITH EDGE KITS - UK Model Shops

LNER (GCR) N5 0-6-2T. This is a new departure for us, not a complete kit but it provides most of the etched components to build an N4 or N5. No boiler or cast fittings are supplied but it does include all the frame components. Etched in .015" Nickel silver. Prices: 4mm scale £29 + £2 postage . …

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NSW Preserved Steam Locomotives

5069is the oldest survivor of the type and retains its saturated steam boiler, having been largely unmodified during its working life. 5069 (with 3028T) worked the DSR&M reopening train to Dorrigo in 1986 and, together with the other DSR&M exhibits, remains stored at Dorrigo pending opening of the collection to the public. 5096 (D)50

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